Aviva Air Brush Tanning

Air brush tanning gives you a year-round sun kissed glow without the dangers of being exposed to UV radiation. Treat Yourself spa offers Aviva Spray Tanning, a top of the line, organic tanning solution. Unlike older methods of spray tanning booths, Aviva spray tans are performed with airbrush guns for a highly customizable and natural looking tan. The Aviva line is perfect for all skin tones, whether you are fair skinned and just want a little kiss of color or darker skin looking to keep your summer warmth glowing in the cooler months.

How does it work?

Our spray tan experts will discuss the color that you'd like to achieve and choose the best Aviva formula for you. Aviva uses a glycerin-derived product called DHA to darken the top layer of your skin. If properly maintained, the spray tan can last up to 10 days. Because Aviva products are water-based and oil free, the tan will fade evenly, leaving you spot- and streak-free. What should I expect? You can wear an old bathing suit, underwear and a bra that you don't mind getting dirty, our disposable underwear or just go au natural. Because Aviva is made with natural products, is oil free, and is water-based, you won't feel sticky once the product dries on your skin.

How often should I spray tan?

You can come in for a tan before a special event or once every 10-14 days, if you want to maintain your color. Our spray tan specialists can guide you on how best to maintain your color and when to come in for a new spray tan.

Prior services:
  • Need to be freshly shower and exfoliate
  • No moisturizer no lotion
  • Wear Dark and loose clothes
After services:
  • No activities, no sweating after services
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